July 2020

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What color is God's skin
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A spark of light and a feeling of joy

As I reflected on the beginnings of this pandemic, I had no idea how long it would last. No one knows! For certain, I recognized my daily schedule needed to change.

The virus curtailed my volunteer ministry on Wednesdays at a local cancer center. For the past five years I visited patients there after retiring from a pastoral care position. Because of COVID-19, I also could no longer help at Emma Hall where our Sisters who need full-time nursing care live. Nor could I bring Eucharist each week to our Sister in a memory care facility. Read More

CPPS Heritage Mission Fund: Extending Precious Blood Spirituality through grantmaking

At this critical time in American life the majority of people have learned anew the beauty of sharing whatever it is you have. From the poorest to the wealthiest, people have come forward with compassion, empathy, genuine caring and a sense of togetherness that is strong and real. Read More

Nonprofit organizations can begin CHMF grant process until July 15

So far this year, the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund has supported 43 organizations in Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, Eastern Europe and throughout the U.S. The first step in the process of requesting a grant from the fund is submitting the letter of inquiry, and nonprofit organizations may submit letters of inquiry for the next granting cycle until July 15. Letters may be completed online. Read More

Precious is Their Blood

When I was a Director of Religious Education in a parish, one of the things I enjoyed was visiting the classrooms, or on some occasions, just standing beside the door, out of sight of the children, and listening to the interchanges. One day I was approaching the first grade classroom and heard singing. They were singing the little ditty, “What Color is God’s Skin?” Sometimes off-key but with great enthusiasm they sang, “It’s black, brown and yellow; it’s red and it’s white. Everyone’s the same in the good Lord’s sight.” Read More

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