Spiritual reflections (audio)

There is nothing like the spoken word to sooth and educate. Sister Terry Walter recorded these spiritual reflections to help us understand how God influences our lives. Each reflection refers to a scripture quote (click on the link to read the passage). We have also included expanded reflection and a prayer for each recording.


Jesus, are you trying to complicate my life?


Luke 5:1-11
Jesus met his disciples in their own element as fishermen and made their work a metaphor of his call to them.

Reflection: Sometimes we have a similar experience to the disciples…we do our work day after day without seeming to accomplish anything. Sometimes we are looking for something more, “catching people” instead of “catching fish” because what we are doing is no longer enough for us. Maybe we hear a subtle invitation to “put out into deep water”, to go deeper in our life. This is all the beginning of call.

Prayer: Write your conversation with Jesus as if you were in the boat instead of Peter. What is awakened in your heart? What does Jesus say or do during your conversation?

My God, how can this be?


Luke 1:26-38
God’s messenger engaged Mary in dialogue that enabled her free response.

Reflection: Sometimes we think that God’s will is going to be revealed and that’s it, no discussion.
Not so. God converses with Mary, encouraging and answering her questions. God even gave her a sign. God doesn’t treat us any less respectfully and honestly in our struggle to discern God’s call.

Prayer: Write a conversation you might have with God (or God’s angel) about the path of your life. Share your doubts and questions freely and listen for God’s answers.

Jesus, you knew something that I am just beginning to understand.


John 15:1-11
Jesus invited his disciples into an intimate union of love and joy.

Reflection: Jesus’ experience was that he was part of a bigger reality—a vine, tended by God. A vine that is pruned and nourished to bear fruit. Once in a while we too become aware of our connection with God and with each other, that we are part of a bigger picture. Our call is not just to serve but also to intimate union with God and with each other.

Prayer: Draw the vine that you imagine it, your inner call to union in your roots, the relationship with other parts of the vine, the pruning, and the bearing of fruit. How does it speak to you? To whom does it call you?

I have called you by your name.


Isaiah 43:1-7
Creator God invites us to belong in God’s loving protection and bear God’s name. God doesn’t promise that nothing bad will ever happen to us, but promises to walk with us through everything.

Reflection: God puts our fears into perspective. We belong to God, we are redeemed by God, accompanied by God at every turn. Some of the most frightening moments in life are when we feel the most along. This God promises to be with us.

Prayer: How does God name you in this scripture passage. Look for the words that attract your attention. Listen to God “calling you by name” with these words. Repeat them and savor them over and over.

My heart thirsts for you.


Psalm 63
The psalmist cries out need, desire, longing, thirst. God fills that longing.

Reflection: A big part of call is getting in touch with our longing. We have many desires and longings, but if go deeply enough within we will touch our longing for God as well as God’s desire to fulfill our longings.

Prayer: Draw an artistic representation of your longing, desire, thirst, need. How does God fill you?

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