July 3, Jubilee Sunday

Jubilee 2016 - banquetToday is a rainy day in Dayton, Ohio. But inside our motherhouse there is a lot of sunshine. Today we celebrated our annual Jubilee Sunday. Each year we gather to celebrate our anniversaries in religious life. In a special way we celebrate those who have been in the community for 25, 50, 60, or 75 years. This year we even have a Sister who has been in community for 80 years. Almost the entire congregation was together this weekend for our annual Spirit Days. This year we had a speaker who shared with us on inter-culturality. We also did some congregational business and celebrated the Feast of the Precious Blood on July 1. We had a wonderful weekend! Now if only the rain would stop so we could go to the fireworks in downtown Dayton!

– Blog entry by Sister Ann Clark; photo by Michelle Bodine

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