Gentle giants

cloudsToday, as I drove along I-65 in northwestern Indiana I came upon gentle giants. Everywhere I looked, as far as the eye could see, there they were. They stood tall, rising out of the earth surrounded by what will soon become Autumn’s harvest. Their outstretched arms reaching to the heavens, eager to receive God’s breath that soon would be transformed into precious energy.

This was not my first encounter with the wind turbines that line this well-traveled highway. With each trip to Chicago, I find myself watching in anticipation, waiting to be awestruck by that first glimpse of those huge graceful blades spinning unseen currents.

Today, as I found myself once again in the presence of these gentle giants I offered a prayer that I too might stand tall each day with outstretched arms, mind and heart to receive the breath of my God and allow myself to be filled and transformed with life giving precious energy.

– Blog entry by Sister Patty Kremer

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