Humming along

Humming alongAs I’ve said before, I love morning! I live in what I consider a fairly active urban area, at the intersection of two major highways. Close enough for convenience to most anywhere I need or want to go, yet far enough away to not be annoyed by their presence. I am within walking distance of what I call “restaurant row” a veritable buffet of most any type of food one could need, want or desire. As busy as this area is, I find myself in the early morning sitting on our patio in an oasis of calm and peace.

In an article I read recently, the author drew attention to the “hum of the Spirit.” As I sat in my oasis time this morning, I became very aware of the “hum of the Spirit.” The buzz or vibration of life calling out to me from the moonlight orchestra, all those tiny six legged creatures who show up nightly to perform. As the first hints of light dawn the trio of humming birds vie for their turn at the feeder hanging to my left and, no kidding, a bumble bee hovers before me on its way to drink from a nearby August Lilly.

With the dawning light the hum of those nearby highways becomes apparent as the two legged creatures venture out to discover what this new day will hold.

Morning is sacred time! It is the hum of the spirit around me calling to the hum within me. Inviting me to the adventure and gift of a new day!

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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