trouble_2On the first day of school I had a run-in with one of my fifth graders. I thought, “Oh, Tony is going to be trouble.” And he was. By the end of September I was at my wits end. Collapsing into a teachers’ lounge chair I sighed, “Somebody tell me something good about Tony.” “Sure,” said his fourth-grade teacher. “Every night he goes straight home from school to watch his three little brothers until his mother gets home. That’s why he doesn’t play after-school sports.”

I had no more trouble with Tony. Tony hadn’t been, after all, the trouble.

– Blog entry by Sister Paula Gero

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  1. I would love to reunite with my seventh grade teacher, Sister Marie Jose. I was in her class at St. Mary’s School in Escondido in 1961. Is there any way I could contact her?

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