November 2022

“This Good Work” is the Congregation’s bi-monthly e-newsletter to give witness to Precious Blood Spirituality through the lens of social justice, rooted in Gospel values and Catholic social teaching. In it we share real, legitimate information and ways Sisters are thinking and living out many issues of peace, justice and ecology. This is curated by Jen Morin-Williamson, the Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator and features articles by Sisters.

Homicide vigil
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Signs of the Precious Blood All Around Us

By Sister Rita Rogier, CPPS
One recent morning, my day started by attending part of the run/walk for the Brunner Literacy Center, which was co-founded by two Precious Blood Sisters, and where our Sisters still give of their time and talent. I was there to show support for CPPS Sisters, staff and friends of the Center.

Later, I attended the first in-person homicide vigil since COVID shut down the monthly vigils. The vigil was for a young man, George Davis, 31, who was murdered September 3. This shooting took place on Salem Avenue, close to our central house in Dayton. George’s mother was present, along with several relatives. His mother shared quite a bit about what she knew about the murder, but her main message was telling about the many positive qualities of her son and the sharing of her grief and pain with us. We thanked her and gave our love, support and promise of prayers. An inspirational prayer service followed. We went away knowing that God had been present in a special way and realizing that the blood cries out for peace and reconciliation. Read More

One step more in eliminating human trafficking in the Dayton area

By Sister Marita Beumer, CPPS
Just recently the Dayton chapter of the SOAP (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution) Project was restarted by a group of interested volunteers. The SOAP Project is a volunteer organization founded by Theresa Flores, an advocate and survivor of human trafficking.

For the past several years, Theresa has enabled us in the Dayton area to participate in activities that raise awareness of human trafficking and advocate for victims. As activities are normalizing after the slowdown of the COVID pandemic, we will be able to train volunteers and plan and implement different SOAP activities. The peace, justice and ecology coordinator for the Sisters of the Precious Blood, Jen Morin-Williamson, is one of the volunteers re-initiating the Dayton chapter. Read More

Ricochet: An American Trauma

By Sister Mary Lou Schmersal, CPPS
What gun experiences have impacted you? We have become so numb to everyday gun violence on TV and in our neighborhoods, newspapers and families that we stop hearing, noticing or caring that so many hundreds of people are impacted each day … until it touches us personally! Ongoing daily events not only impact individuals but entire communities with a lifetime of pain, regret, stress, anxiety and worry — numbing us to the point of hopelessness. It is now a collective trauma for all of us; we can no longer claim it is someone else’s problem. Read More

Climate change affects all of us

By Sister Martha Bertke, CPPS
The Inflation Reduction Act is one of the most significant pieces of legislation in years, and it has major implications for America’s environmental policy. Does this new law affect our nation, our world and, in particular, we the Sisters of the Precious Blood? YES!

This law aims to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug prices and investing in domestic energy production while promoting clean energy. On August 16, 2022, it was passed by the 117th United States Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden. It is a budget reconciliation bill sponsored by Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin.

The law, as passed, will raise $738 billion and authorize $391 billion in spending on energy and climate change. It represents the largest investment into addressing climate change in United States history. A summary identifies primary goals as driving down consumer energy costs, increasing energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The bill also aims to decrease residential energy costs by focusing on improvements to home energy efficiency. Some of this money will be used for renewable energy investment, including wind and solar projects. According to several independent analyses, the law is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% by 2030. Read More

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

By Jen Morin-Williamson, Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator
As November unfolds, my thoughts turn toward a festive table set with turkey, pumpkin pie and mountains of other delectable dishes. And of course, this celebration would not be complete without our loved ones, our family and friends. However, as I pull out my Thanksgiving decorations, handed down from my mother, I pause. I recall the story I was taught about this holiday: The Pilgrims came to America and were welcomed with open arms by the “Indians” who generously helped them learn how to farm in this country. With that first successful harvest, the Pilgrims threw a big party and invited the “Indians.” The end.

But is that the end? What really happened next? Read More


Great Spirit,
Your Brilliance and Creativity are reflected in Your creation.
We are grateful.
As many in our country gather for Thanksgiving,
may we pause and consider the stories we have been told.
May we have courage to confront the half truths.
May we seek to understand another perspective.
May we work towards healing for the great pain inflicted
on all of the tribal nations.
May we be personally and culturally transformed
into a truthful future that is honest about our past.
We ask this through the redeeming love of Your Son, Jesus.

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