Sister Florence Seifert

My volunteer ministry
I am retired. My volunteer ministry involvement primarily revolves around membership on Boards and Committees:

  • Brunner Literacy Center Board, member of the Executive Committee
  • CPPS Heritage Mission Fund Committee, Board member and member of the Finance Committee
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Sister Marita Beumer

Ministry with the Spanish speaking
For the past few years in Dayton I have been able to rely upon my years of pastoral ministry experience with the Spanish speaking in Chile, Arizona and California. In Dayton, I have been involved with the evangelizing process of adolescents, young adults and adults at St. Marys, where the Spanish speaking currently meet. Recently I have been able to introduce the RCIA process to the community which hopefully will help in the spiritual formation of all of us. Read More

Sister Barbara Brown

Sister Barbara Brown serves as treasurer and chair of the finance committee for the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund. The grantmaking fund, the successor of the former Maria Anna Brunner Fund, was established as a nonprofit organization in 2017. By awarding grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations around the world, the fund continues the mission of the Sisters of the Precious Blood and the good works started by our foundress Maria Anna Brunner.

Sister Barbara also serves on the finance committee of the Brunner Literacy Center, founded in 2011 by Sisters Maryann Bremke and Helen Weber. The center provides a variety of learning opportunities, with programs and tutoring available in reading, math, and more. Read More

Sister Jeanette Buehler

The feast of Epiphany, 1959, was my day of entrance into the Sisters of the Precious Blood. What has remained with me about that day was the significance of the feast, the following of a star. For that was what we were being called to do — to follow the star of Jesus. Now, more than 60 years later, I realize that I am still following the star, still on a journey.

As an “actively retired” Sister, I am blessed in being a part of three social justice issues: homicide prayer vigils in the greater Dayton area; anti-racism efforts; and interfaith relations. Read More

Sister Arlene Hirsch

Over 25 years ago, Sister Arlene Hirsch was asked to serve as coordinator of Emma Hall, the section of the Maria-Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where Sisters reside. More than 40 Sisters lived at Emma Hall at the time.

“I got to know a lot of Sisters I never knew because they’d been out West during their years of active ministry. And some of them had been my teachers, so it was interesting to get to know them better,” Sister Arlene said. Read More

Sister Pat Dieringer

While in paid ministry, Sister Pat served for over 20 years at the Maria-Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, where she held a number of positions: payroll/Medicare assistant, office manager, director of business operations and, finally, director of reimbursement and audits. In retirement, she has utilized those skills in a number of roles such as executive secretary of the Maria Anna Brunner Fund, the Congregation’s former grant foundation. At Precious Blood Parish, she serves as treasurer for the parish’s activities for the poor and needy. She also participates in homicide prayer vigils while always, first and foremost, attending daily Eucharist and continuing to deepen her prayer life. Read More

Sister Dolores Keller

Residents at Maria Joseph Nursing & Rehabilitation Center can count on Sister Dolores Keller to stop in every weekday afternoon, simply to offer her company and be present with them. Her steadfastness earned her a 2016 Outstanding Caregiver Award from the the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Chains, Catholic Charities of Cincinnati and the Order of Malta.

“Sister Dee provides a ‘listening ear’ to not only our Sisters, but also the lay residents,” Precious Blood Sister Gerri McGeorge, coordinator of the Sisters at Maria Joseph, said in nominating Sister Dolores for the award. “Her compassionate presence is demonstrated through the ability to listen to each person, to laugh with them, or just be present to them. Sister Dee accepts each person for who God made them to be.” Read More

Sister Jean Rene Hoying

Sister Jean Rene Hoying volunteers at Planting Seeds, a local organization that provides home furnishings for those in need. She works in the warehouse, helping to organize items such as sheets, kitchen supplies, furniture and various appliances. She also delivers supplies to families new to the area who have arrived as refugees. And with the organization Food for the Journey Project, she helps prepare and serve hot lunches for 400-500 hungry families.

Sister Jean Rene scoops ice cream for the Food for the Journey food truck dedication ceremony at Salem Heights in 2019 at Salem Heights; Michelle Bodine photo.

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