Sister Carolyn Hoying

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” — David Orr

As we know, the climate crisis is impacting every corner of our world, but it’s important for us to see how the burden is being heavily placed on the poor. Here in the Back of the Yards — the Chicago neighborhood where the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation is located — we feel its impact daily: heat waves, droughts, poor air quality from smoke and chemicals, skyrocketing food prices, unsafe drinking water, etc. A community that already struggles under health, financial and social injustices is being further buried by the impacts of climate change. Read More

Sister Marie Kopin

As a longtime mycologist in the central Michigan area, being outdoors in nature is one of the great joys of my life. The fall colors here in Isabella County are just beautiful and astounding, which always brings me closer to God. While so many days are busy and full of “to-do” lists, every now and then I just have to take time off to stop and “merge” with this beautiful, Godly atmosphere.

I often have quite a number of folks go to several preserves with me to study mycology and many things that grow in the woods. The community of fellow nature lovers — and, of course, the mycelium of mushrooms — is another way I feel like I am part of God’s creation. Read More

Sister Benita Volk

Sister Benita Volk is a longtime volunteer with EarthLinks, a nonprofit organization in Denver that creates Earth-centered programming for people experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. She also expresses her love of nature through poetry and has published a chapbook, Leaning Toward the Invisible.

Sister Benita and her garden in Colorado, 2020; contributed photo.

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