November 2021

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Supporting our community

The Sisters of the Precious Blood are proud sponsors of a variety of events and organizations across the country throughout the year. Here are just two events held recently in the Dayton area:

On Sept. 11, the first Green Expo and Car Cruise-In, held in Trotwood, showcased green energy technologies, especially electric vehicles. The event host and planner was Rap Hankins, a former Trotwood city councilor who became interested in clean energy solutions following the devastation and extended power outages caused by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. Hankins is also an advocate for the installation of electric charging stations in Trotwood. Expo attendees learned more about, and took test rides in, electric vehicles owned by members of the group Drive Electric Dayton. Read More

Catholicism and Racial Justice webinar

On Sept. 28, Sister Mumbi Kigutha moderated the second webinar in the Catholicism and Racial Justice series, a project of the Congregation’s Racial Reconciliation Working Group. Dr. Tia Noelle Pratt’s presentation, titled “The Call is Coming From Inside the House: Anti-Blackness and Critical Race Theory in the Church,” examined the intersection of Critical Race Theory with Catholic Social Teaching. The webinar is available on our Facebook page. Read More

Conversations that matter

Sister Donna Liette recently served as a moderator during Conversations that Matter, a live webinar series presented by the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in Chicago. On Oct. 18, Sister Donna sat down with four women who have lost children to violence and/or incarceration, who shared their stories of pain and perseverance, as well as their ideas about what they need to protect and care for their families. Sister Donna is the Family Forward Program Coordinator at PBMR, where a community of women works together to heal from the traumas of violence and incarceration.

In other Conversations that Matter panel discussions, on Oct. 11, four people shared their experience of being personally impacted by incarceration, and on Oct. 25, young people shared their experience about growing up on the South Side of Chicago. The conversations are available on PBMR’s YouTube channel.

A few small steps to save our planet

I live in an apartment at which I pay my own utilities, including gas and electric. Periodically I have the opportunity to choose which companies supply my electricity and gas that are delivered to me by my utility companies.

On each of my separate monthly utility bills for electricity and gas is the name of the supplier I chose to supply the energy. In my case, one company, Direct Energy, supplies both of my utilities. When I became aware of a different supplier that offered clean energy, I considered changing to that supplier. But first, I needed to know the source of energy my present supplier uses. Read More

Critical Race Theory

Racism was a topic all of us Precious Blood Sisters reflected on during the last year, and the recent Leadership Conference of Women Religious Virtual 2021 Assembly also discussed it. This complex topic continues to need attention, so this short piece continues our conversation about race.

On conservative media, a current “hot topic” is CRT, critical race theory. In September 2020, President Trump issued an executive order excluding CRT from funding in diversity and inclusion training in federal contracts. He said it is divisive. So what is CRT? Read More

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