Around the table

On Sunday, June 10, The Sisters at Amherst House (Mumbi Kigutha, Paula Gero and Marita Beumer) hosted Carroll High School seniors for dinner at the beginning of service week. The two Kenyan younger girls are students at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School in Liberty Township, Ohio.

Last year at this time I shared with you my experience of being at the “longest table” in our neighborhood. This year it’s an encounter “around the table” in our dining room. On Sunday evening, June 10, four seniors and their chaperone from Carroll High School in Dayton joined our Amherst community for a meal. The coordinator of the Service Project for Seniors contacted Sister Mumbi Kigutha regarding this experience during which incoming seniors may sign up for a Service Project Week. Their first experience divides them into groups of four with a parent to have a meal with someone or a family. So, each group had a different experience, such as with refugees, immigrants, homeless, social workers and yes, Catholic Sisters and Brothers.

As we shared our meal and became acquainted with one another, we shared our experiences and cultures which were from South Korea, Kenya, Vietnam, rural America, city life, Catholics and other Christians. Since their objective was to learn more about Sisters and consecrated life,
we were able to answer their questions and share with them about our Precious Blood charism as well as how we live out our mission in the different ministries within our congregational history, as well as some from our own personal stories. After the enchiladas, ice cream and animated conversation, we prayed together, sharing God’s word and the message that came to each of us. As they returned to Carroll we hope that they had an enriching and enlightening two-hour visit while we, too, appreciated the intergenerational and intercultural exchange that was evident during the evening.

By Sister Marita Beumer

Assembly Directive: Network with other individuals, agencies and groups to be effective in our current reality.

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