Mycology events

Sister Marie Kopin works with Isabella County Park Supervisor Sue Ann Kopmeyer and her staff member Nicole in preparing a seasonal list of mycology events in the park system. We have strong support for education here as a key to lifelong skills and improving our planet. This park system tries very hard to entice children and youth to get outdoors and enjoy God’s creation and thus respect and improve it.

When I read the Mission Statement of the parks I was very impressed as it deals directly with the responsible management of many things whilst conserving the land, resources and the environment! Certainly the study of fungi “fills the bill” as without the mycelium (root-like system) fungi produce we would have almost no plant life on earth.

Mission Statement: “To promote healthy and active lifestyles for all residents and visitors of Isabella County, to provide quality facilities and diverse recreation opportunities, and to practice responsible management of human, financial, and environmental resources while promoting conservation of land, resources, and the environment.” The Mission Statement is on the first part of the Master Plan. I found much information and dedication in this plan.

To view even more of what a county park can do, click here for the master plan.

By Sister Marie Kopin

Assembly Directives: Act responsibly in the use and care of our planet’s resources. Network with other individuals, agencies and groups to be effective in our current reality.

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