Twice blessed

img_1556-monarch_mlsAt our house there is a narrow curving strip of ground that borders the front sidewalk. This space is a good place for flowers in that it receives morning sunlight and is in light shade from the hot afternoon sun. This year I decided to plant Zinnias there and bought four small packs of seeds. I prepared the soil and then mixed and scattered the seeds. I watched the seeds begin to grow and after a little while looked for the first flower buds. Now I am blessed with a brilliant array of colors – red, yellow, orange and pink blooms in various shapes and sizes of Zinnias.

Much to my surprise and delight the Zinnias attracted lovely butterflies – orange and brown Monarchs, yellow and black Swallowtails, a black with royal blue dots and other varieties. These little creatures perch on the flower tops and suck up the sweet nectar. The side effect of this gathering is that of pollinating and starting the seeds to develop for next year’s plants. I feel twice blessed as I observe these colorful, airy creatures.

On another day in another part of the yard I saw a tiny bird with bright yellow and black coloring, a Yellow Finch, perched on top of dried-up cone flower. He was hard at work pulling out the seeds and eating them. I was glad I had not cut off the dried-up flower.

Many flowers do bless us twice. In springtime the fruit trees in the orchard are covered with white and/or pink blossoms sending forth unmatched fragrance. A wonderful blessing for eyes to see and noses to smell. Then comes the summer and fall when we pick cherries, peaches, and apples. Once again we are blessed with good things to eat.

By Sister Anna Maria Sanders

Assembly Directive: Act responsibly in the use and care of our planet’s resources.

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