National Association of Pastoral Musicians

pat-w-john-b_webNational Association of Pastoral Musicians may seem like a lofty title, but their annual conventions bring together a couple thousand musicians to learn, share and praise God. We are helped to grow spiritually, musically and liturgically to assist us in reaching the hearts of our congregations. This year, we traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, where the excellent keynote address “Encountering Jesus – A Heritage of Touch, Gaze, Communion,” was given by our own Sister Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS.

Seeing so many well-known church music composers on a daily basis is very impressive. They may be presenting the workshop or just sitting in one as we are. If they, too, felt they need the help of some of these topics, it was encouraging. This year’s award for Pastoral Musician of the Year went to Fr. Ricky Manalo, a humble young Paulist Father. Many of his composer friends gathered for a celebration of his best-loved works, many of which we use here at Salem Heights. Such events tend to make us careful about listing and reporting the copyrighted material to OneLicense.Net. A new three-track series, The Essentials of Catholic Liturgy, initiated this summer is designed for beginners in pastoral music as well as a refresher course.

In 2016, we saw Cardinal DiNardo almost daily in Houston, Texas. His presentations were very inspiring and he was very friendly, having time to pose for a photo with us. While archbishop of Galveston/Houston, he was also an advisor for the NPM organization until his appointment as president of the USCCB.

Steve Petrunak is currently the president and CEO of the NPM organization. He and his leadership team are initiating a new five-year strategic plan, a new website with premium content area, a new focus to assist members and help the association better serve its 41-year old mission: to foster the art of musical liturgy. We look forward to attending the 42nd annual convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2019.

By John Buehler and Sister Pat Will, CPPS

Assembly Directive: Continue to articulate and integrate our Spirituality in our sharing among ourselves and with others.

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