Mumbi’s sharing

3-photos_elephantsWhile in Kenya, I thought often of my various Sisters and how much they would enjoy different things about my country and culture. I also quickly realized that no matter how much I desired it, it would be impossible to bring back a souvenir for everyone. So while visiting the David Sheldrick Trust, a facility that takes in orphaned baby elephants, I was presented with the opportunity to foster one as a gift, which I did for the Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Malkia means queen in Swahili, and above are some pictures of her. We shall be receiving continuous updates on her until she reaches an age at which she can be released back into the wild to fend for herself. Please click on this link to visit a page to learn a little bit more regarding the circumstances of Malkia’s life. And you’re also all invited to Kenya for some time with Malkia during her evening feeding times, as a foster parent.

By Sister Mumbi Kigutha

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