Community garden

4-photos_gardenThis marked the second year of the community garden with new Daytonians. God was truly kind to us; as we experienced abundant rain, greatly minimizing the resources needed to water by hand. With the help of the North Dayton Garden Center, who germinated the seeds for us; we planted the African eggplant (garden egg), tomatoes, beans, different varieties of pepper, onions and some experimental maize. The abundance of the harvest is evidenced by the pictures below and we look forward to the third run next year with even more best practices learnt in this year.

Our run-ins with different critters saw a change from rabbits and deer of the past year, to a groundhog that was rather annoying in its attempts to uproot as fast as we planted.

Thank you to Sisters Patty, Linda, Judy Kroger and Judy Niday, and Colleen for all their support in this initiative.

By Sister Mumbi Kigutha

Assembly directive: Stand with the marginalized, make a collective commitment to promote and witness nonviolence, and strive to effect reconciliation among God’s people. Act responsibly in the use and care of our planet’s resources.

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