Sisters label soap to abate human trafficking

Eight Sisters graciously labeled 5,000 bars of hotel soap the week of October 22nd! The soap and labels, containing the 1-800 anti-human trafficking hotline number, are from the S.O.A.P. project. The bars will be distributed by Abolition Ohio to area hotels that trafficking victims are likely to frequent. Sisters Ritamary Bulach, Joan DeChristopher, Verlina Mescher, Claire Sharpshair, Dorothy Koenig, Berenice Janszen, Laura Will and Jane Francis Hoffman worked diligently over the course of three days. Thank you very much, Sisters!

By Colleen Kammer; photo by Michelle Bodine

Assembly Directive: Stand with the marginalized, make a collective commitment to promote and witness nonviolence, and strive to effect reconciliation among God’s people.

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