A Walk for Justice and Peace

Eleven Sisters and Colleen participated in “A Walk for Justice and Peace” on Good Friday, April 19, in Dayton. Along the route, participants reflected on 14 justice issues corresponding to the 14 Stations of the Cross. Sister Jeanette Buehler wrote the second station on racism. The ecumenical walk was sponsored by 30 churches, faith communities, and social justice organizations.

Several sisters attended a lecture at the University of Dayton on April 25 entitled, “Catholics, the Church and the Social Sin of Racism”, given by Brother Ray Fitz, SM. The lecture examined racial injustice in metropolitan areas, what the Church’s role is in racial injustice and what it can do to be a catalyst for change.

To read more about the 14 justice issues, click here.

For  Your  Information:
There will be a KKK rally in downtown Dayton Saturday, May 25. On that same day, “An Afternoon of Love, Unity, Peace & Inclusion” will be held from 1:00-3:00 pm at McIntosh Park. Please attend and/or pray with us for peace.

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