Caring for Others

toiletries_2Chaplain Sylvia Moseley-Robinson, M.Div., a chaplain from the Dayton Correctional Institution, informed Sister Jeanette Buehler that women prisoners are in need of personal items. The fastest-growing prison population in Ohio is women, notably poor, white women. While in prison, the women receive $13 a month for personal items and other items that can be purchased within the prison. Those with no family support struggle to purchase soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and things we take for granted.

Through efforts made by Sister Martha Bertke, the Social Action Committee of Holy Trinity Parish in Coldwater invited people to donate items for these women. People have been very generous and all items have been delivered to the Dayton Correctional Institution. Chaplain Sylvia and these women are so grateful.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: Stand with the marginalized.

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