Isabella County Soup Kitchen (ICSK)

I certainly associate with our Isabella County Soup Kitchen (ICSK) and have participated in writing a grant for improvements. The manager just told me this grant project and other funds are tied up awaiting some details, probably like city permits to build, plumbing issues, etc. etc. The staff and handicapped clients are looking forward to new “handicapped style” push-button doors as the required doors are very heavy to open and close. There will also be further expansion of the cafeteria room and possibly the kitchen including a baby changing station in the men’s room. We surely seem to be picking up more homeless and displaced folks in recent years.

This soup kitchen also serves a number of seniors too with soups, main dishes, a large salad bar, fruits, desserts, breads, and great cooking along with offering additionally donated veggies and breads from local restaurants and grocery stores as “take home” items. It is a great facility for a town as small as ours. Central Michigan University College Students often volunteer as all are required to do a certain number of hours of “Community Service” before graduation at listed approved places which include our Isabella County Soup Kitchen.

In addition to this project I’ve also written grants for a couple of clients of our soup kitchen and hire some for gardening help.

About the ICSK:

We exist to share free meals in a warm, safe environment where all are welcome — sharing a warm meal for a better COMMUNITY.

A community sponsored project:

  • Operated by volunteers (4-6 daily) who provide approximately 1500 hours monthly
  • Volunteers: Community groups, CMU students, Community Service workers, Church groups and service club members
  • Supported totally by donations of money, food and volunteer hours
  • Employees: Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, 2 kitchen assistants, 1 inventory assistant

VALUES WE LIVE BY: We are Guest-Focused, committed to providing an accessible, reliable service in a positive environment. Volunteer Driven: We value our volunteers and their ideas, opinions and work which sustains our operation. Community Partnerships: We strive to cultivate relationships and collaborate with community service and business entities to support the nutritional needs of our guests. Compassionate: We treat our guests, volunteers, and community partners with acceptance, genuineness, empathy and non-judgement. Accountable: We act with complete transparency and the utmost integrity to make strategic, fiscally responsible decisions.

By Sister Marie Kopin

Assembly Directive: Act responsibly in the use and care of our planet’s resources.

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