Sisters of the Precious Blood oppose the death penalty

death-penaltyRecently I received an e-mail from Sister Helen Prejean and I shared it with the members of the Peace, Justice and Ecology Committee. Sister Helen is well known for her work to explore alternatives to the death penalty. Here are three important points which she shared.

a) Sister Helen is finishing her book, River of Fire. Now it is in the hands of her publisher, Random House, and they are working on the final edits. Her book is due to appear on bookshelves early in 2019. It is going to open up a new way to talk to people about their own justice journey. Sister is hoping young people in particular will read it.

b) PBS Miami will start broadcasting Joe Cardona’s documentary, Sister, in the fall.

c) Regarding executions, even if all the executions scheduled for this year go ahead as planned, it will be the lowest number of executions in any year this century. Looking at the upcoming executions for 2018, only four states are involved – Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: … make a collective commitment to promote and witness nonviolence …

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