Campaign Nonviolence

campaign-nonviolenceJohn Dear, Catholic priest, longtime peace activist and, more recently, a global warming warrior, has recently published a book, They Will Inherit the Earth: Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change.

He weaves together concepts from the Sermon on the Mount, Laudato Si, building peace and nonviolence. He sees a need for a global movement to create a culture of peace and nonviolence. Campaign Nonviolence is such a group. This group launched a National Week of Action consisting of marches, rallies, vigils, fasts and festivals across our nation.

2014   Sept. 21-27   238 group actions took place
2015   Sept. 20-27   370 group actions took place
2016   Sept. 18-24   758 group actions took place
2017   Sept. 16-24   1,600 group actions took place
2018   Sept. 15-23   ?????

What action can we do to participate in this? The PJE committee meets Friday, August 3, and this will be on the agenda.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: Continue to articulate and integrate our Spirituality

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