Vocation news from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

sr-terry-maher_los-angeles-religious-education-congressThe LA Religious Education Congress is a huge event that gathers people from across the United States and beyond. This year I had the opportunity to distribute some of our vocation literature to congress attendees. Since I was sharing this “work” with members of other women religious communities, space was limited. Our booth, for the Vicar for Women Religious for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was one of many located in the huge auditorium. I was unable to display our vocation items. Instead I stood in the hallway of the arena and asked people to pray with us as I gave them copies of the Seven Offerings and Prayers to Our Lady of the Precious Blood. People seemed grateful.

By Sister Terry Maher

Assembly Directive: Increase our use of social media to promote Precious Blood Spirituality.

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