March 2018Numerous hills, many volcanoes, lovely flowers and beautiful, gracious people — that’s Guatemala! Sister Rosemary Goubeaux and I spent six days there, March 6 through 14, and found it to be a very enriching experience which touched our hearts.

To visit our three community members who live there — Sisters Terry Walter, Joyce Kahle and Marifé Hellman — is what motivated Rosie and I to travel to that country and share our lives and experiences with one another. What a delight it was to see the faces of Terry and Joyce and receive their warm hugs of welcome at the airport in Guatemala City. Upon arrival at their home, the six young women who live with them also welcomed us with such a joyful, caring spirit.

The next morning, Terry drove their car and took Rosie and I to San Raymundo, about an hour and a half’s drive into the hilly countryside, to see Marifé and Holy Mary of the Most Precious Blood School (Escuela Santa Maria de la Preciosisima Sangre). She and everyone at her school extended a very hearty welcome.

In the next couple of issues of the Grassroots newsletter, we will tell you more about our trip, especially about the ministry involvements of our Sisters. For this issue, the focus is on their lovely enclosed yard with an herb garden and patio. In the middle of the garden there is a circle of black rocks. The circle is filled with many different kinds of herbs, which are used primarily in cooking. Along the outer edge of the square space there are lovely palm trees, flowers and green plants. All of this is so good for our environment.

Joyce faithfully waters and cares for these plants as well as three other garden areas. It is a lot of work to maintain these lovely spaces. Once a month a gardener comes to assist her and give good advice and tips for taking care of this great variety of plants. With temperatures in the 70s and 80s while we visited there, it was a very enjoyable place to relax.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: Act responsibly in the use and care of our planet’s resources.

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