The Healing Garden at Mercer Health

Mercer Health Hospital in Coldwater, Ohio created a new, large addition to their present building and services. This West Wing expansion added 68,000 square feet to the existing building to provide more surgery rooms, more private inpatient rooms, greater outpatient services, and many other worthwhile features. Open House was held Sunday, October 14, 2018.

The Healing Garden is a dedicated outdoor space designed to provide therapeutic benefits. It is organized by the MED Foundation (Medical, Educational & Development) of Mercer Health and will be located in front of the new Atrium. We, Sisters of the Precious Blood, made a monetary donation for an 8×8 inch brick paver with words engraved on it.

Reasons for doing this:
• We Sisters are known in Mercer County and our support will be greatly appreciated
• We received health care at this Hospital and this is an expression of gratitude
• At present and in past years some members of our Congregation serve at the hospital
• Our name in this Healing Garden is a way to recognize our Congregation’s presence in this part of Ohio, where many of our Sisters lived and ministered
• It is a very clear and public statement that we believe All Life is Precious.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: Network with others to be effective in our current reality.

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