Thanks for 3 years of News!

Let’s give thanks for having a Grassroots Newsletter published each month for three years. That is awesome! Thanks to each Sister who helps with this endeavor.

The first issue was published in December of 2015.

Sister Ceil Taphorn initiated the Peace, Justice and Care of Creation committee which held its first meeting October 20, 2015. The group met to identify a focus and purpose, to help motivate ourselves to action and to share information and ideas with each other. In this preliminary meeting conversation centered around peace, justice and care of the environment in relation to part of our 2015 Assembly Directives. It was decided to start by developing a Grassroots Newsletter to be published each month. It will:

• be rooted in the 2015 Assembly Directives
• provide a venue for clusters to share what they are discussing
• give individuals an opportunity to be heard, question, to raise concerns

Sisters Mary Lou Schmersal and Martha Bertke along with consistent oversight by Sister Ceil, Mary Knapke, and Michelle Bodine have published the monthly newsletter for three years. They consistently invite and encourage Sisters to submit articles, but no one needs to wait to be invited to contribute an article. Many thanks to all who have shared so willingly.

In the beginning Grassroots was sent only to our C.PP.S. Sisters. Since January 2016 we have begun publishing it on the web and since June 2018 there have been 348 pageviews on the website alone (according to Google Analytics).

The first issue sent out as an e-newsletter was March 2016. At that time the amount of recipients was 261. The latest Grassroots e-newsletter (November 2018) had 852 recipients.

E-Newsletter shares on Facebook and Twitter (past 6 months – at right):

As you can see the news of what our Sisters are doing is distributed to many.

It is a way of informing others of some things that we do. In the June issue of 2016, you were invited to contribute articles, to identify how your experience is rooted in the 2015 Assembly Directives, and this is continued.

Sisters, let us continue to collaborate in this awesome endeavor! Thanks!

Submitted by: P, J & E. Committee members; Data from Michelle Bodine

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