January 22 — Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, The Road: a Sunday Scriptures blog

The Gospel today is full of movement. Upon hearing that the Baptist has been arrested, Jesus goes into action. He leaves his hometown, begins to preach, and calls disciples to follow him around all of Galilee. Pope Francis comments that in contrast to the Baptist, Jesus chooses to be an itinerant prophet. He is always on the road, meeting people where they are, in their ordinary lives. This pattern or style of Jesus is very important to notice. It was embedded in his team, the apostles and “the 70,” so that after his death they themselves became missionaries. They reached out beyond their families, beyond their synagogues, and preached the Lord’s message to all who would listen. Today we are called to have that same spirit of evangelists and missionaries — but not to foreign countries. We are called to speak about God and witness about God to our families, to our children and grandchildren, to those we meet in ordinary life — in stores, in workplaces, in social situations. Faith is handed on not mainly by the “Sunday Church” but by the everyday church of believers, living their lives as followers of Jesus in 2023. Look ahead a week. Where will you be, who will you be in contact with? Will people you meet be able to tell your life is modeled on that of Jesus?

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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