12th Sunday Ordinary Time, June 21: Fear not, a Sunday Scriptures blog

After Pentecost we return to the counted Sundays called Ordinary time, and since this is year A of our lectionary, we will be hearing most often on Sundays from the Gospel of Matthew. Often in the Gospels Jesus said to his disciples, “fear not.” Matthew makes it specific: “fear no one … do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” Let’s face it — most of us are afraid of things that can kill our bodies, whether people, or accidents, or disease, or old age. It is difficult for us to face death, to know that one day the sun will rise and we won’t be here to see it. During the Easter Season just celebrated, a main theme has been faith. The faith our Easter Season Scriptures called us to was belief in things unseen, like the resurrection, which was unwitnessed. Another unseen thing we need to believe in is the soul, our souls. Do we really believe that we are more than our bodies? Do we believe that our inmost personal selves are becoming part of the immortal risen Christ dwelling within us as we live each day with loving hearts and actions? When we believe in the “soul” like this, then we can come to see our death as just the final bit of our becoming joined with the risen Christ and the Father in eternal life.

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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