Moonlight Madness

The other night, or rather very early morning, I awoke in my turning and my eye caught a bright sliver of light cutting across my blanket. Because it enters my room differently, I knew it wasn’t the motion-sensor security light outside my window that the wind or an occasional deer might set off. Puzzled, I went to the window to seek the source. Seeing the full moon, I realized that it was the time of the last of the supermoons of 2020.

On returning to bed, and admittedly playing a bit with the moonlight, I recalled a bit of my science and thought about how the moon has no light source of its own, but rather reflects the light of the sun. It seemed impossible that the light that lay so brightly on my blanket was reflected sunlight. How powerful the sun is that even its reflected light is at times enough to read by or write a letter.

For those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ, perhaps we are all meant to be moons that reflect the love, mercy and compassion of the Light of the World, the Son of God.

– Blog entry by Sister Joyce Lehman; photo by Sister Mary Lou Schmersal

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