November 3, Hoarding: a Sunday Scriptures blog

hoardingToday we hear the familiar story of Zacchaeus, the man in the tree. Our lectionary skips the preceding and contrasting story about the wealthy official who, unlike Zacchaeus, cannot give to the poor in order to follow Jesus. So clearly Zacchaeus, who is wealthy, has the internal freedom to give of his wealth. He is not “lost” in his stuff. I know I get lost in my “stuff.” I become a hoarder. My riches, our riches, are so much more than an investment account or a house or garage. My riches are my time, my energy, my compassion, my privacy, my sense of self with my rights and privileges attached, my dignity, my achievements, my First World membership, my culture, my family, my friends and so many other intangible things. It is the most natural thing to cling to all this “stuff,” get lost in it, hoard it. We have so much of all these things that giving a quarter away, like Zacchaeus did, would still leave us very wealthy! Zacchaeus welcomed Jesus into his home, his private space and life, his wealth. Where do I need to do that? To become more generous with my “stuff?” What part of my wealth do I need to stop hoarding?

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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