October 20, Hollering: a Sunday Scriptures blog

“But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Our Gospel ends with this question. It is not easy being a disciple of Christ, and in Luke’s Christian community, some people had given up their faith because the second coming of Christ in glory had not happened as promised. Faith needs to be for the long haul. Remember Jesus’ parable about seeds that fall on shallow ground and sprout, but then wither away? Today’s parable is about a widow woman who, for Jesus’ listeners, would be understood as representing the poor and the powerless. This widow woman persistently pesters the judge to rule against her adversaries until the judge relents — worried that she will “finally come and strike me.” This funny story is meant to teach us not to wither away but to persist. We are to persist in faith, but we should also persist in presenting to the Lord those areas of our lives that are “adverse,” that are our adversaries. This widow knew clearly who her adversary was. Do we? Sometimes I don’t pay attention to what is weighing me down, upsetting me, diminishing my hope and joy, victimizing me. I “brush it off” or just put up with stuff. This widow hollers! She believes absolutely that God will do the job of bringing justice to her. Do I? What will I holler about to God this week?

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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