September 15, Lost: a Sunday Scriptures blog

Today’s Gospel contains three stories Jesus told: the man with one lost sheep; the woman with one lost coin; and the father with one lost son, whom we usually call the prodigal son. The shepherd risks his whole flock to look for his one sheep; the woman foolishly throws a party when she finds her one coin, no doubt spending more than that on it! And the father refuses to give up on his reprobate son until he finds his way home. God is, of course, that determined searcher of the lost, and who of us has not at some time in our lives been lost? Our lostness might not be because of great sin; it can be more like drifting away into what seems to be more compelling interests than God is at the time. It can be spiritual confusion and uncertainty. I can be spiritual dryness. We might wish we could know how long this “lost” condition will last. What we can know is that God does not stop waiting and searching for us to find our way into the shepherd’s arms, the woman’s hand, the father’s embrace. Maybe because I have absolutely no sense of direction, and so I get lost a lot, being found is a rich image for what being saved means!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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  1. Look for the sun. It at leasr gives you E/W/N/S. Love you. We are all a bit lost–increases our gratitude to the Map Maker.

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