June 23, Bread and Wine: a Sunday Scriptures blog

You are what you eat — we hear this little aphorism in a variety of ways these days. It is pretty amazing, and mysterious to most of us, how the stuff we eat becomes us, our flesh and blood, our energy. It is the quintessential example of unity that we experience every day but seldom think about! Sharing the same kind of food with others takes this unity idea a step further. A group of people is unified with each other through special meals together — Thanksgiving Day, Superbowl parties, wedding receptions. Receiving Eucharist together is the binding action of the Catholic community. We might not know most of the names of those who are at Eucharist with us, but we know they are family. In the words of a familiar hymn: one bread one body, one Lord of all … we are one body in the one Lord. Hopefully we sometimes feel this unity at a deep level during our Sunday Eucharistic celebration, and hopefully it lasts through the parking lot experience! Unity is nourished by Eucharist, but it is also something we need to work at all the time. May today’s Sunday feast of the Body and Blood of Christ help us rededicate ourselves to truly being that one body of Christ so that we also can be His light to the world.

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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