June 16, Trinity: a Sunday Scriptures blog

It is Trinity Sunday. What does Trinity mean to you? The statement that God is love begins to be filled out as we see God’s works. God is a creating movement of love at each nanosecond of existence in the unfinished universe; God is a saving movement of love — a revealing, finding, leading-the-way, forgiving and self-giving love. God is a sustaining movement of love, a comforting love, a wisdom-giving love, a binding love that is needed for the long haul of my continuing history and all history. God’s love is multi-faceted! These three love movements of God — creating, saving and sustaining — are revealed in Scripture and experienced in our own souls. When am I aware of God creating in me — expanding my very self and my soul? When am I conscious of saving going on in me — of my being healed or found, or given a new way of seeing, being forgiven or even more amazingly being empowered to forgive? When am I conscious of being accompanied through the moments of my life, of a strong ongoing presence of the divine walking with me, bringing me to completion? These three love activities of God work together although we may perceive and feel them as separate. They flow from the very essence, the identity, the character of God. And so we name God Father, Son, Spirit.

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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