transitionsA morning walk in the woods reveals streaks of bright shining sunlight which illuminate a variety of areas scattered liberally throughout. Chipmunks, groundhogs and squirrels scamper and jump playfully in shadows and sunlight, navigating the contrasts and transitions with effortless ease and wild abandon. The wonder and awe of it all called me to reflect and ponder. Unlike the woodland creatures, I rarely embrace the contrasts and transitions of life with wild abandon. I often struggle in the shadows and squint my eyes in the bright sunlight. I sometimes feel forsaken, abandoned and alone. Yet, in those times the divine presence is revealed and I feel guided in the path of life and called more deeply into the fullness of joy. In difficult and painful times I believe with all of my heart that God has carried me – and continues to carry me. Loving God, grace our hearts with your divine presence and fill us with the courage to abide in and walk in the blessing of your deep abiding shalom that we might playfully navigate the contrasts and transitions of our lives with the assurance of your loving presence.

— Blog entry by Sister Karen Elliott

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