May we hear the tiny whispering voice

wind-carries-dandelionI was recently at a meeting where the opening prayer was the story of Elijah, to whom God says, “Go outside and stand on the mountain before the Lord; the Lord will be passing by” (1 Kings 19:9a, 11-16). Elijah hears the wind, the earthquake, the fire and finally the “tiny whispering sound” which he recognizes as the voice of the Lord. In our sharing after listening to the reading, one Sister reflected, with tears in her eyes, on a radio program she had heard on the way to the meeting in which the commentator asked: Who is listening to the small voices of the children … who hears the crying in the night … who responds when a child is hungry … who holds their hand? The reference was to the over 2,000 children of immigrants, many seeking asylum from violence in their villages, who have been summarily taken from their parents or guardians because they crossed the border into the United States. Both children and parents suffer, but the suffering of the children whose voices are the “tiny whispering sound” is greater because the separation is not the consequence of their own actions. They are the innocents offered up on our altar of “national security.” We are a nation which was built on human rights based on inherent and God-given human dignity. Taking children from their parents is a basic violation of those rights and is not a worthy action by our government. It was God’s voice in the “tiny whispering sound.” Do we not hear it?

— Blog entry by a Sister of the Precious Blood

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