O Lord

sunrise-7O Lord, in union with that divine intention with which you praised your Father to the shedding of your blood, I offer this day in adoration.

This short “morning offering” which I say daily, urges me to see my day as an opportunity to do something more than simply “getting through it.” I offer it as a way to imitate Jesus by uniting my intention for the day with his by praising God and proclaiming God’s love. This little offering helps me take a different attitude about the day, that is, rather than seeing it as a tsunami of meetings, email, phone calls, appointments – and surprises, I cast all this into an act of adoration. I recognize the busyness, the successes, disappointments, failures and joys as pathways to God. At the Easter Vigil we hear “O, happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam.” This is an invitation to see even my failures to do good and to love rightly as possible ways to God. If I recognize what I have done or failed to do and I am drawn closer to God in this recognition, then even those failures are “a happy fault,” a bridge back to a loving and forgiving God. God as Gracious Mystery is always there, always present, always waiting for me with open arms, always ready to send God’s Spirit to accompany me, to guide me, to enlighten me to what is good and loving, and in that I recognize that each day is redeemed.

– Blog entry by a Sister of the Precious Blood

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