April 15, Risen Christ with Wounds – a Sunday Scriptures blog

risen-christ-with-woundsOur Third Sunday of Easter has a third Gospel account of a resurrection appearance; just like last week when Thomas touched the wounds on Jesus’ risen body, this account also features those wounds. The “eleven and their companions” at first believe they are seeing a ghost. So Jesus says, “look at my hands and feet, that it is I myself.” The Jesus who suffered and died is the same Jesus now alive. What a profound lesson for us. We take our wounds with us into eternal life. We ought not try to get rid of them because they have made us who we are. Through accepting them, as Jesus did his wounds, and forgiving those who dealt them to us, like Jesus did, we become holy. It is difficult to do the spiritual work of acceptance and forgiveness of our wounds. It takes a lifetime. As we become better at it, we begin to be able to witness to others that the tragedies of life are gateways into a resurrection life.

– By Sister Mary Garascia

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