Recognizing the Pearl

2718-pearlsHow many people walked by the pearl seller without noticing the special one? How many people tramped through the field without even imagining a treasure there? How many times do we watch the news without noticing the wonderful ways God’s Reign is manifesting. When NFL players show solidarity with people of color, there is God’s Reign. I don’t know if God follows sports, but God certainly has been cheering the NFL’s witness of solidarity.

We don’t notice God’s Reign unless we’re looking for it. We generally only notice the bad stuff. Noticing God’s Reign influencing our world wakes up an inner excitement in us. Let us watch news to notice God working among us. Let us be delighted with God when we notice the pearl of God’s activity in our world. Let us open our eyes to notice the treasure of God’s influence in our world. Let us find reasons to rejoice when we watch the news!

– Blog entry by Sister Terry Walter

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