September 17: Forgiving, a Sunday Scriptures blog

crucifixPeter asks his famous question in today’s Gospel parable about the forgiven and the unforgiving servants: How often must I forgive? (Mtt 18: 21-25) Forgiveness is difficult, as we all know from our life experience. And isn’t it true that, like in the Gospel, when we owe something to someone else, we expect them to be understanding, patient, generous — and maybe to let us entirely off the hook! But when someone owes us something, we demand fairness and justice for ourselves! And we also hold one another back from being generous. In a family, if parents give a loan to one adult child, or are generous with one child more than with another, other family members often become upset. We always want fairness first. Forgiveness and generosity go beyond fairness. And forgiving is not optional for a follower of Christ — as the harsh ending of this Gospel makes clear. Books are written about the difficult practice of forgiveness! But the good news is that we have a great teacher in Jesus, and we have his grace! So forgiveness is possible and — at least for me and perhaps you — it does seem to get easier over time!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia; photo by Michelle Bodine

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