earhquakeMost of the tremors that happen in Guatemala I don’t notice. Last night I did. It woke me up. It was a tremor here, but in Tajamulco it was 6.9. Thanks be to God it was deep enough to not do horrible damage like the last earthquake they had there not too many years ago.

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and held my breath, waiting to see if it would stop shaking soon. All the dogs were barking. I sat up and got ready to move. Luckily there was no need. I knew, though, that people in Tajamulco were panicking, running for their lives, and losing their property and fields to landslides. My prayer went out to them.

The earth seems so solid, so secure, but it’s always adjusting itself deep down. Plates move. Similar movements happen in our lives. We feel so stable, but deep down tectonic movement is happening slowly but surely.

– Blog entry by Sister Terry Walter

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  1. Happy to hear you are OK.

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