A bubble blessing

bubblesRecently I was at a week-long training session in Chicago. The last day we had an integration/retreat day. After I had re-read all of the notes I had taken and reviewed the week in my mind, I decided to take a walk down to Lake Michigan, only about a 15-minute walk away. It was a beautiful day and there were many people at the lake for a weekday afternoon. I spent some quality time sitting by the water and thinking and praying. As I was walking away from the lake, a gentleman was walking towards the lake. He had one of those big bubble wands and he was making bubbles as he went along. He had a nice smile on his face. As he approached he said, “I am going to give you a bubble blessing!” I thanked him and he went on his way, presumably giving other bubble blessings as he went. I just smiled and thanked God for the day, the time I had spent at the lake, for the week, and for all of the gifts that God has given to me. In particular I thanked God for the bubble blessing I had just received! I shared my bubble blessing with some of the participants in the session. They all thought it was something special. I have been thinking about that blessing off and on since I received it. I wonder if you have had any bubble blessings recently?

– Blog entry by Sister Ann Clark

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