Knock, wait and see, patiently

doorAt a recent workshop I attended, we were invited to choose from a variety of pictures that each had a different door on it. I chose a door that looked like it belonged to an outdoor corner apartment unit. It had no peephole and the door handle was obscure. We were then invited to pray with this picture and to ask the Lord what was he inviting us to? What did he want us to do with this door, in the manner of becoming a more welcoming individual? Well I received very few words, but I heard, “Knock, wait, and see, patiently.” I found this most appropriate. For you can’t see me and I can’t come in. I would hope that if the door should be opened, that I would be welcomed to enter whatever the door opened to and that I myself would be a figure of welcome to receive it. So I pray: oh Lord, help me to become a figure of welcome. Help me to become a reflection of you and please Lord, help me with that patience thing too! Amen.

– Blog entry by Sister LaKesha Church

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