What’s on your bumper?

whats-on-your-bumper_2One day last week, as I came to a stop behind a car waiting at a red light, my attention was drawn to the bumper stickers on the car in front of me. There were two bumper stickers! Within a matter of seconds I thought to myself, this person in front of me, who I have never met, who does not know me, has just called me a foul, disgusting name and insulted me. Makes me long for the 60’s and 70’s when bumper stickers had flowers and rainbows and called us to peace, love and joy!

I’ve thought about those bumper stickers often in the past week and about the person driving that car. All I can do is offer a prayer of healing for this unknown individual and so many others who have been so hurt and hardened by life that they throw up walls around themselves for protection. I pray also, for our world, that we can embrace the beauty of our differences and celebrate the gift of each precious life. May peace prevail on Earth!

– Blog entry by Sister Patty Kremer

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