From the Columbia Icefields

From the Columbia IcefieldsA couple of weeks ago near Jasper, Canada I stood on the Athabasca Glacier at the only proven triple continental divide. At this point the water feeds the streams that eventually flow into the Artic, the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. What a moment to be at that source and inhale. Inhale not only the air, but the millions of years that these glaciers were in the making and to realize how quickly they are now melting. It was like being at the “source.” Yes, I brought a bottle of this water with me to be my continuous memory of this eventful day. With this awesome experience I was connected with my Creator who is the source of this vast beauty and endless creation of mountains, glaciers, water, sun and we who have the power to enjoy it. For me it was a reminder that God’s love, goodness and mercy are unending and with us always, nourishing us like this sacred water. Today I hope that through this experience my awareness of God’s beauty and love increases wherever I am and flows out in all directions.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Marita Beumer

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