Updates from Guatemala

Our exciting piece of news is that the Congregation has approved our proposal to purchase a house in the name of the new nonprofit association that we are forming here that will include both our house (Casa Sofia, our residence in Guatemala City where women may live without cost while continuing their education) and Holy Mary of the Most Precious Blood School (the school that Sister Marifé Hellman started in San Raymundo).

These past five years, we have been renting a house that is about two hours from the University on buses. Having our own place will give more stability to our ministry, and with an active board for the association that includes more CPPS Sisters and Guatemalans, our ministries will be able to continue in the future when Sister Marifé, Sister Terry Walter and I are no longer able to be here.

Our new house is the former motherhouse of the Immaculate Heart of Mary community. The house has 13 bedrooms — some large enough for two students. And it is a five-minute bus ride to the University of San Carlos (USAC), the free university here where many of our girls study. It is also much closer for those who study in Antigua. There are students from Marifé’s school who are graduating this fall and hope to study at USAC, and we need a bigger house! And there are students from other boarding schools who also want to further their education but have few options for housing and ways to support themselves.

Our move took place in October, and the process went very smoothly. It was a lot of work, so we were all pretty tired — but we are happy to have our own place, and the girls love it that they each have their own bedroom.

We are all very grateful to the Congregation that we have been able to make this move happen. Our new house has a solid foundation, and some repairs and renovations are taking place. We have had to grow in patience when the water was turned off while someone is doing their laundry or washing dishes, or the power was shut off while some of the girls were in an online class. There have been times of frustration and times of great laughter, but it has all been worth it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for your prayers for this adventure. We have certainly felt the power of your prayers and support. Our ministry is growing and we are expecting four more students in January.

Story by Sister Joyce Kahle

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