School for Mayan Women, Guatemala


Holy Mary of the Most Precious Blood School began classes for nine young Mayan women on January 15, 2007. It provides an opportunity for young women from rural areas of Guatemala to learn to speak Spanish, repeat some of their primary school education (which is usually very inadequate for further studies), and complete education for basicos (grades 7 to 9) and bachillier (grades 10 and 11) in the IGER system which was developed by the Jesuits for several Central American countries, which qualifies one for entrance into college. After basicos some of the young women get specialized courses in auxiliary nursing in combination with rural health promotion. During the first 10 years, more than 15 Mayan women have entered universities (a true miracle!). The first university graduate in June 2016, Valentina Castro Tum, within the first six months has opened a project to help heal the many undernourished children in Lamoa, Quiche. She has opened an IGER school (like the one I have), and has a group of 53 women in formation and forming christian community in a very poor area which just so happens to be the exact center of all of the country of Guatemala.

God willing, it will only take 150 years to complete this project of giving the oppressed the liberating possibility of offering the world what only they can give. The young women who complete only basicos are still probable leaders as most of these young women are among the very few from their villages that have that level of education. Much good that we will never know about is already happening. And many women and men are being freed of oppression. Thanks be to God!

For more information, visit their Facebook page: Escuela Santa Maria de la Preciosisima Sangre

By Sister Marifé Hellman

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