March 31, Easter Sunday: a Sunday Scriptures blog

It’s pretty normal for any believer to have a crisis of faith, or maybe several, over a lifetime. One of mine happened when I was 22, taking a New Testament Scripture class. That’s when I heard that we really have almost no actual words of Jesus. What we have instead are remembrances, words of others, recollections first recounted in gatherings and, only after a while, written down in collections that eventually became Gospels. It was a moment of grace when I finally “got it,” that God is truly an incarnate God, embedded in the world God first created and then, through Jesus, deeply embedded in the body of Christ, the witnesses to his life, death and resurrection. I was able to accept deeply that God reveals God’s self to us in and through others. No one saw the resurrection. Our belief in resurrection rests on the inner experience of the many who experienced the post-crucifixion Jesus, and on our acceptance of that testimony — which acceptance opens us to also being touched by the Risen Christ. Our faith is divine, but also so very human. We need each other. We need to share our faith stories with others and receive theirs. Each person with us for Easter services is a witness that the Risen Christ is real, living today, in the life of that person, in the temple of that person. Happy Easter to all the witnesses reading this!

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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  1. I am learning from you and am moved by what I have learned. Thank you. Mary Beth Dean (grateful former student of Sr. Katie Lett’s at St. Anthony’s grade school in Falls Church, Va.

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