October 29, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Imitation: a Sunday Scriptures blog

St. Paul makes a startling statement in this Sunday’s second reading. St. Paul says to his converts: “You know what sort of people we were among you … and you became imitators of us … so that you became a model for all the believers in Macedonia… .” Wow. I don’t think I could advise anyone to imitate me in goodness, could you? And yet, that is precisely what Jesus told his disciples to aspire to do — to be the salt of the earth, to be the light of the world. We canonize saints because in some way or other, their personal style of being Christians images Christ for us. Often I have heard Catholics say that their own faith came from their home, especially from the example of their parents. In the century after Jesus died, the Christian community itself grew because of the example of how the disciples lived. Of course that does not mean everyone was always perfect. Just read the early Epistles or Acts of the Apostles to see how correction was often needed! But in general, people were attracted to Christianity because of the examples of love and forgiveness, and of the living of the beatitudes, that they saw in the community. We are called to be evangelists in our own families, in the everyday places where we find ourselves. We reveal the Lord to others just in how we relate with others, and how we live our lives in a way that shows that the Lord lives in us. There is a saying attributed to St. Francis: Preach the Gospel always; if necessary, use words. May we all be those imitators of Christ for others this week.

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia; Photo by Andre Moura

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  1. You give me much to reflect each week. Thank you.

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