October 15, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Invited: a Sunday Scriptures blog

Why would people not show up to a free banquet? Especially a wedding banquet? The Gospel parable raises this question. Well, of course, don’t we all refuse to “show up” when we get those little spiritual promptings? We put off responding to needs we know about in many small ways — like putting off making that phone call, or sending that card, or volunteering for something we are invited to do and could easily do, or… . We all protect our time, our privacy, our energy. This parable applies especially to invitations to spend time with the Lord, represented by the King and his bridegroom son. Any relationship, we know, weakens when it is taken for granted. It needs to be kept nourished by communication, by time spent in the relationship. Our relationship with God is no different. This week we are invited to think about that!

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia; Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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